Created by a cancer patient, designed by engineers.

How the Clinger came to be...

The Clinger cigarette case came around when the inventor was a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy in NYC.

Simple everyday hassles turned into problems like crushing pre-rolls, forgetting a lighter, everything smelling, and just not having a place to store the roach. After searching they realized there was dozens of cheaply made, bulky, and just useless products but nothing that solved all their issues in a pocket friendly solution. An idea quickly took its first steps into becoming a reality and shortly after they started prototyping.

The Clinger is made to be the best solutions for carrying you prerolls all while still being small, smell-proof, and practical.

Founder - "I hope you enjoy your Clinger as much as I do. I wanted to create the best solution to hold your a single king size preroll. Please message us and tell us what you like, or what you want added to our next design. We would love to make the next Clinger perfect for you"