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Our Story...

Created by a cancer patient, designed by engineers.

We designed the Clinger to be the best solution for carrying and protecting your prerolls.

Not only did we make it 100% smell proof, but we patented and engineered the Clinger so you can still use your lighter while it's attached.

The idea came around when the inventor was living in NYC undergoing chemotherapy and simple everyday hassles turned into problems. Things like constantly crushing loose prerolls, forgetting to bring a lighter, or just wanting to save the rest for later. They searched but there was nothing in the market which fit all their needs. With the help of some friends a 3D printed version of the Clinger was made and the inventor started to see just how useful this little product was.

Our friends loved the idea and for a while only a small group of people owned one. But after countless requests and one reddit post later, the Clinger grew in popularity and shortly the idea was pushing into production.

"We hope you love your Clinger as much as we do. Please message us and tell us what you like, or what you want added to our next design. We'd love to make the next Clinger perfect for you".