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Keeping Your Prerolls Safe,
and Your Lighter Close



Designed to hold your prerolls and your lighter at the same time.

100% Smell-Proof and we tested it... a lot! Some might say even too much.

Just grab a Clinger, roll it, pack it and rest assured wherever you go,
you wont be that guy stinking!


"...Living in an apartment we'd have to go out for a walk to smoke. I tried a few different products but ultimately nothing was perfect. I'm always in a rush I would either forget the lighter or even my preroll. I really just wanted something I could grab-and-go."

"...It's perfect for just smoking half and saving the rest for later. It definitely has changed the way I smoke."

"...I've always hated throwing my cigarette butts on the ground. Now I  just dispose the remains into the Clinger and empty the contents later." 

So, if you're wondering...

why the Clinger?

Green Tea Leaves


Holds king sized prerolls inside a crush proof case.

Green Tea Leaves
Green Tea Leaves


Use the lighter while it's still attached.

Green Tea Leaves
Green Tea Leaves


100% Smell Proof
Fits right in your pocket.

Green Tea Leaves

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